Code of Conduct & Standards of Righteousness

The Board of Directors of the Apostolic Leadership Institute has established the minimum standard for acceptable behavior and dress for all faculty, staff, and students of ALI.

The Apostolic Leadership Institute has earned the respect of the administration and staff of each facility at which ALI has been held. It is imperative that we maintain this reputation, not only for the sake of those who observe us from outside, but also for the sake of the pastors of our own churches. Our standard can be nothing less than the excellence we have made our motto, Excellence in Doctrine, Excellence in Lifestyle, Excellence in Ministry.


You are Christians. You must conduct yourselves everywhere as becometh servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. Remember, that while you are joint-heirs with the Lord Jesus Christ, you are yet under tutors and governors, and differ nothing from servants (Galatians 4:11-2). Demonstrate servanthood rather than lordship.

Courtesy toward others and polite behavior is the norm. We enjoy our fellowship and are known to laugh and have fun, but we must never allow ourselves to become so noisy that we disturb others. Be mindful of the time of night and the possibility that someone else is already trying to sleep.

Let the words of your mouth be those which would not shame you in the presence of the Lord. Be sensitive to the needs of others, and ready to help with words and deeds. Shew yourself friendly, and make friends of those who are not yet in your close fellowship. Let all things be done unto edifying.


You are Christians. You are not subject to the whimsical disregard of modesty prevalent in the national society. ALI expects your dress to meet the typical standard of righteousness of Apostolic churches. “Business casual” dress is required at all times.

Men are to wear collared and sleeved shirts and long trousers. Suits, sport coats and neck ties are not required, but shorts and tee-shirts are never acceptable. Short sleeved shirts are acceptable, but only if they also have a collar. A gentleman’s apparel should not be revealing, but adorning, not sensual but sensible, encouraging the ladies to observe spirit more than form.

Ladies are to wear dresses or skirts with a length at least to the middle of the knees, and blouses with half sleeves or longer. Ladies apparel should not be revealing, but adorning; not sensual but sensible, encouraging the men to honor more than desire.

For both men and ladies, “business casual” means that shoes ought to be closer to dressy than to play. Both ladies and men may choose to wear a hat or head covering, but men shall remove theirs upon entering a building, and for prayer in any location.

The Apostolic Leadership Institute intends to lead the way toward “Excellence in Lifestyle” by deferentially following a more conservative standard of righteousness than might be acceptable in the rest of society.

If you have any question about any of these general “standards of righteousness,” please refer them to either Brother Clifford Readout or Brother Thomas Dibble. Thank you for being an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

The Apostolic Leadership Institute Board of Directors